Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoors

With the holiday season already upon us thanks to the start of Hanukah earlier this week, it’s time to start giving outdoors-oriented people some gift giving ideas for the outdoors lovers on their Christmas and other winter holiday gift lists.

At my old job, the Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoors was a tremendous hit, but now that I’m on my own, instead of one long story and blog, I’m going to be suggesting a variety of clothing, products and gear in different posts as we make our way through December.

First up is clothing from the Duluth Trading Co., my most favorite outdoors clothing because of the rugged, long-lasting nature of their materials. I already am the proud owner of the Shoreman’s Windproof Fleece Jacket, Men's Shoreman's Windproof Fleece Jacketwhich is everything its name implies. This relatively lightweight beauty of a jacket is windproof and somehow breathable despite being water resistant. Because it’s fleece, it’s also relatively quite so there’s no whoosh-whoosh as you as you arms move back and forth against your body.

I also love the Fleece-Lined DuluthFlex Fire Hose Pants, completely weatherproof and warm enough to chop wood, ice fish or push the snow blower while you’re clearing out the driveways for the entire neighborhood. Underneath them, the Buck Naked Performance Boxer Briefs Buck Naked Boxer Briefsprovide unrestricted pinch-free movement along with perfect warmth.

One of my newer Duluth Trading coats is the Fire Hose Hanger Bender Shirt Jac, which FIre Hose Hanger Bender Shirt Jacwas perfect during the mid-October frigid snap, and even better when working outdoors cutting the hedges during the recent frigid early morning weather. It’s tough and non-restrictive when you’re reaching and stretching to complete work, and may make it’s way into my ice fishing wear this winter.

Duluth Trading makes a complete line of both men’s and women’s comfortable clothing for outdoors use.

Some of the popular women’s items include the Crosscut Flannel Tunic , the –Women’s Flapjack Flannel Shirt Jac, the  Shoreline Fleece Windproof Coat , the –Women’s XO-Therm 1/4 Zip Base Layer Shirt , and even the –Fleece-Lined DuluthFlex Fire Hose Pants.

Stepping away from Duluth Trading Co., you of course want to keep your head covered to stay warm in the winter. Last year, my kids got me a pair of 180s ear muffs with bluetooth headset, which proved super cool during winter running, walking, cross country and downhill skiing.

This year, the 1 Voice Bluetooth Beanie Headphones ( are beanie-catpagean all-in-one solution that includes the wireless headphones (and microphone) that come in a variety of beanie styles that fit every head. Most beanies (we called them stocking hats growing up) are generally too small for my head, but the  Voice Bluetooth Beanie easily covers my ears and provides the same quality of sound I get from the 180s.

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