Women’s Wrestling Week

USA Wrestling declared March 5-13 as Women’s Wrestling Week in the United States.

This year’s Women’s Wrestling Week is in


conjunction with the celebration of Girls Sports Month in March. USA TODAY Sports is helping celebrate March’s Girls Sports Month with a series of feature stories and other activities.

It is also Women’s History Month, a perfect time to focus on women athletes and leaders in the sport of wrestling.

As part of Women’s Wrestling Week, any female athlete who is not a member of USA Wrestling is invited to come out and try the sport at a chartered club practice. USA Wrestling will provide a complimentary membership for March 5-13, the time covered by Women’s Wrestling Week.

USA Wrestling chartered clubs have been encouraged to allow females of all ages to attend their practice free of charge during World Wrestling Week. To find a club program in your area, visit the link below:

Additionally, female athletes with prior wrestling experience who would like to participate in a USA Wrestling sanctioned event may do so on both weekends of March 5-6 and March 12-13. USA Wrestling extended the week to cover two weekends in order to provide even more opportunity for young women to try the sport.

Athletes who will attend practices or events with the complimentary membership are asked to confirm their attendance in advance with the club leader or event host before going to the activity.

To continue on last year’s efforts the hashtag #EachOneBringOne will be used within social media as part of Women’s Wrestling Week this year. In addition, to extend the success of National Girls and Women in Sports Day in February, people are also encouraged to continue using the hashtag #GirlsWrestle during this time.

Three-time World champion Adeline Gray, a top medal contender for the upcoming Olympic Games, encourages girls and women of all ages to give wrestling a try and learn about its many benefits. She has been interviewed by USA Today as part of their series on Girls Sports Month, and her feature in USA Today will be published next week during Women’s Wrestling Week.

“It is not just for young girls, it is for anybody. There are so many women who say to me that they wish they had been able to have the opportunity to wrestle. I love to see them try it, to get on the mat, get in a stance and use it as part of their personal fitness and lifestyle. For young girls, they need to realize that these opportunities are real. Even if they try it out for fun, it is important to realize that there are so many things that come from wrestling that are very good, for both males and females,” said Gray.

Leaders within USA Wrestling and its women’s wrestling programs are looking forward to this year’s Women’s Wrestling Week.
“I am excited to join our amazing female athletes and USA Wrestling leaders in kicking off Girls Sports Month with a week focused on introducing more girls and women to wrestling and its athletes. Working together, we can ensure that all American girls have access to wrestling and the opportunity to benefit from the discipline, confidence and grit wrestling develops in each individual,” said Kyra Barry, U.S. Women’s Team Leader.

“Women’s Wrestling Week is important because there are still people, including a lot of coaches, athletes and parents, who don’t know about the opportunities we have in this country for women in wrestling. We are seeing explosive growth for young women in the sport of wrestling, but there are so many more we have yet to reach. The USA has a strong Senior Women’s Team, but we will be even stronger as we increase our numbers by expanding opportunity,” said National Women’s Coach Terry Steiner.

“Wrestling teaches the most amazing life lessons, and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to more girls and young women during Women’s Wrestling Week. As a community, we have a great chance this week to continue to create more opportunity for women in wrestling,” said Patricia Fox, chair of USA Wrestling’s Women’s Age-Group Council.

“It is our mission to build and grow women’s wrestling in our nation. USA Wrestling is committed to being inclusive. We invite all girls and women to try wrestling and learn about how the sport can make a positive impact in your life,” said USA Wrestling President James Ravannack.

As part of Women’s Wrestling Week, USA Wrestling will be providing daily features on American women’s women’s wrestling through its media platforms, to highlight the rich heritage of women’s wrestling in our nation.

“We are excited to celebrate and promote Women’s Wrestling Week. USA Wrestling is committed to providing every single American youth with the opportunity to experience wrestling, both male and female. Our goal is for young girls to be given additional quality opportunities to get on the mat. America needs wrestling now as much as ever, and that goes for women and men alike. These are exciting times as we thrive to make our sport available to all,” said Rich Bender, USA Wrestling Executive Director.

Take part in Women’s Wrestling Week!! Go to TheMat.com or follow USA Wrestling’s social media platforms for more information about Women’s Wrestling Week.

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